Over the past 20 years, my projects have included Workforce Technology Solutions/Workforce Management Software Training and Change Management, Business Analysis, Implementation, Instructional Design, Learning, and Development. With my background and extensive experience in Educational Psychology, Learning & Organizational Technology, I understand how adults and organizations learn and interact with technology. The goal is to implement technology (technology integration) to improve individual learning outcomes and support organizational productivity and sustainability (Agile Transformation).  My vast experience has allowed me to work with over 20 different financial, energy, telecommunications, education, pharmaceutical, and health care industry systems.

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Active in Implementation process of HCM, CRM, business process management, clinical software solutions, mobile administration software, and digital learning solutions: functional testing, documentation of system processes, instructional design, scheduling, communications, end-user training deployment, and post-go live support

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Training & Change Management

Optimize the use of technology within the organization's respective market. Customized learning solutions allowing users to achieve proficiency. Worked closely with management to assess the training strategy for multiple internal and external clients. Develop training and change plans that minimize employee resistance and maximize employee engagement and performance.

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Workforce Development & Human Capital

Developed approaches and strategies to strengthen the workforce in marginalized communities via workforce training & education programs (opportunities to gain new skills allowing participants to compete in various industries). The self-directed programs were implemented within an Oakland county state employment agency addressing the need of local businesses and improving employability equity for at-risk and dislocated workers within the Pontiac community

Web Design

Instructional Design/Digital Content Creation

Ability to apply adult learning theory, ADDIE/SAM in the design and development of interactive learning experiences/content that enable learners to achieve desired learning outcomes in human-centered and goal-oriented ways.

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Technology Training Solutions

Providing technology training solutions for over 20 years, Vast experience allowed me to work with over 20 different financial, oil/energy, telecommunications, education, pharmaceutical, and health care industry systems. Have provided workforce management training for over 20 years.

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Digital Fluency

Effectively and ethically interpret information, discover meaning, design content, construct knowledge, and communicate ideas in a digitally connected world. The ability to apply digital technology to enhance quality improved productivity and communication, solve problems and streamline processes.

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Educational Psychology, Learning & Technology

Apply educational and psychology theories to conduct evidence-based research to inform and employ the use of technology to enhance learning outcomes. Applying technology to learning based on principles of cognitive psychology, organizational technology, and learning theory.

Business Plan

Business Analysis

Provide functional process and design support to understand the current and desired future state of process & technology.

Distance Learning

Learning & Development

Provide a systematic process to enhance employees' skills, knowledge, and competency resulting in better performance in work setting.