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My 20 years of consulting have focused on the ability to improve processes and deliver solutions within organizations. This means helping organizations re-engineer processes to achieve optimum workflow and productivity through technological or process-oriented change management focusing on new technologies, new skills, and behavioral transformation within the private, public, and government sectors. As a result, delivering process-oriented change management helps to minimize employee resistance and maximize employee engagement and performance. 

In order to accomplish this task, I am continuously taking professional development courses that keep my finger on the pulse of technology ranging from UX Design to Artificial intelligence...etc.  When I am hired as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) it is important that I have the qualifications/expertise that helps organizations move forward by adopting agile thinking and tools to remain competitive. 

So, representation is everything even when it comes to marketing myself as an HR Technology Consultant. I've worked in the consulting business since 1999.  So, I had to learn through experience and mentors how to market my skillset to land contracts.  So, I knew the importance of making sure my marketing is an extension of my knowledge and experience.  This is why I created a customize profile marketing app.


What does this mean?



Unfortunately, a business card doesn't cut it! That's why Atumma OTRA was created-revolutionizing the way consultants, entrepreneurs...etc market to clients- OTRA is a one-tap customized profile interactive digital business card. 


It's about expanding your reach right to your clients. With OTRA you can send one customized link out to your client eliminating the need of providing a boring business car or sending various emails and various links- therefore maximizing your time. 1 link, 1 profile, 1 touch, 1 share, 1 customize platform concept. Your clients having the ability to see your portfolio, reviews, accomplishments, profile...etc, however you want it,...all in one app.

So, whether you are a small business owner, a freelancer, a consultant, a real estate agent, an insurance broker...etc let Autumma OTRA work for you!


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