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Proven Ability to Design and Implement Technology Enabled Learning  Programs Within Organizations- Academic Solutions and Recovery

Using Technology Enabled Learning For Educational & Workforce Development 
Learn, Grow, Disseminate and Uplift: Assessments, Remediation, and Academic/Workforce Solutions
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​In the last two decades the United States has experienced a dramatic change in the nature of its workforce. The weak global economy has created catastrophic consequences for many states with ensuing layoffs and job losses. To remedy the problem, the United States economy is transforming into a society that demands new skills, knowledge, and credentials from its labor force. Through adaptation and innovation, the country’s 21st-century plan is to prepare, attract, and retain skilled workers. The initiative demands a workforce that is both highly educated and highly skilled. Due to changes in economy, workers without a high school diploma or postsecondary education can no longer expect to hold a family-sustaining job. In a presentation at the WorkKeys National Conference, Stover DeRocco (2009), President of the Manufacturing Institute Workforce Division, reported that approximately 80% of U.S. producers cannot find educated skilled workers for their entry-level jobs. Additionally, each year 1.2 million young citizens drop out of high school and are educationally unprepared for work or for post- secondary education. Consequently, these adults with low education and skill levels are more likely to live in poverty and to receive government assistance.  read more

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Dr Theresa Styles DBA eStyles Consulting, LLC provides a comprehensive learning system revolutionizing the relationship between employers, educators, learners, and technology.

The technology enabled learning platform implemented by Dr. Styles was proven effective in working with marginalized communities in the Oakland County community. Through needs analysis and instructional design approaches Dr. Styles incorporated blended learning approaches and strategies that combined e-learning and web-based training to increase knowledge transfer in educational and training programs for marginalized multicultural learners. 

Dr. Styles believes learning occurs through individualized and guided hands-on self- paced simulations and rapid learning modules which are imperative in achieving common tasks for effective training, education, or skills reinforcement.

For over seven years Dr. Styles mission was to prepare diverse adult learners for the 21st century workplace through educational/training remediation and counseling services to enhance basic workplace skills, obtain workforce credentials to dislocated workers and high school dropouts.

From 2007 to 2013, Dr. Theresa Styles’ utilized technology enabled learning to Michigan Works/JobLink’s Service Center and various nonprofit partnerships throughout Oakland County. Her resources consisted of five labs and over 50 computers to offer customers skill remediation, workforce credentials and GED Preparatory courses employing Learning Management Systems (NovaNet,GradPoint, ACT Keytrain, ACT WorkKeys, etc..) to track, report, and deliver rapid e-learning educational courses and workforce development in order for adults (ages 19+) to pursue and enter postsecondary, apprenticeships, and workforce training programs.

A high proportion of the City of Pontiac’s population was culturally, linguistically, and socio-economically marginalized resulting in significant barriers to employment. Due to the disparities experienced as a result of the plant closures the City of Pontiac utilized Dr. Styles educational support services targeting dropout prevention, recovery and graduation, and job skills improvement as one of the solutions to the city’s crisis. 

Dr. Styles developed partnerships with local nonprofits within the Oakland County community and with Michigan Works/JobLink Service Center/Oakland Schools. The initiative increased participant enrollment in occupational and technical learning opportunities which improved employability through technology enabled learning platforms. Moreover, the ongoing relationship helped augmented workforce development training and learning opportunities to meet the needs of business and industry and assessed institutional effectiveness. 

eStyles Consulting, LLC will continue to increase the quality and accessibility of education and to expand its partnership and collaboration with nonprofits and businesses within the Atlanta, Georgia community. 
Dr. Styles continues to commit her time and support in regards to training and development, education, technology enable learning, e-learning, workforce management, and social media & employee communication.